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Talde Makes it So You Don't Actually Have to Go to Talde

Photo via Talde

For a while there, FIPS went pretty hard on the Talde-related posts, with a heavy emphasis on Pork Slope. Over the course of two years, the guys behind Talde, Thistle Hill Tavern & Pork Slope became the belles of the ball or some shit in the Park Slope food scene, opening Pork Slope, making changes here & there at all three places and announcing their first locale outside of Park Slope with Talde Jersey City. There was always something going with them.

Talde has continued to be their most acclaimed place, with former Top Chef contestant & Buddakan chef Dale Talde at the helm. People kinda go nuts for junk like his Pretzel Pork and Chive Dumplings. As we come up on 2015, Talde JC is getting ready to open their doors & here in Park Slope they've decided to take things to the next...or at least a NEW level at Talde. DELIVERY.

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Pork Slope is having a Crab Boil and you're invited

Wednesday night is the perfect day of the week to start drinking, if you ask us. You've made it over the hump of the work week, and can probably make it through the next two days slightly hungover (Three cheers for 'Summer Fridays'). And while the summer may be winding down, there's still plenty of time to get out there and combine your drinking activities with some old fashioned summer fun. 

Which is why we're all about the Crab Boil Pork Slope is throwing tonight. Starting at 5pm, patrons can chow down on all the makings of a classic Crab Boil: blue crabs, potatoes, sausage, and corn. $28 gets you six crabs; $54 gets you 12. This is classic summer fun if we've ever heard of it (though we're sure chef Dale Talde will find a way to put his spin on it). And if all goes well tonight, the folks at Pork Slope are hoping to keep this going every Wednesday night for the rest of the summer. (Please please please please pleaaaaaasse). 

The Boil is also the first step in a slight menu-overhaul Dale Talde is bringing to Pork Slope. "We rotate items on the menu at Talde and Thistle Hill all the time," he told us last night. "But I haven't really played around with Pork Slope. I want to bring new items to the menu - seafood, BBQ, more pork - but do them the way I like to do them." From the twists on the traditional we've tasted at Talde's spots, we couldn't be more excited. (Though please Dale - don't get rid of the Irish Nachos. That's the food dreams are made of).  

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Congratulations To The Winners of the Pork Slope Boars' Head Contest! 

All last week, we ran a lil' contest with the Pork Slope dudes where we asked you, FiPS readers, to come up with the cleverest names possible for two boars heads that'll be hanging up in the soon-to-be-open bar. The Pork Slope dudes have picked their two favorites, and those lucky FiPS readers (& a guest!) will be in attendance at this Wednesday's pre-opening party.

We got a ton of great responses. My personal faves were the pair of "i used to fuck guys like you in prison" and "rick" but I wasn't choosing, so the boars will, from this point on, go by the two winning names:

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[REMINDER]: Name Some Boars! Go to a Pork Slope Party!

Screengrab via Charging Interests

G'day, ladies & germs! Are you PUMPED! I'm pumped. Patrick Swayze's birthday is less than ten days away, which can only mean one thing…PORK SLOPE IS ALMOST A REALITY. In less time than it takes to finish a seven-game NBA series, you'll be able to experience the throat-ripping, piggy awesomeness that has been promised within Pork Slope's doors.

You don’t want to wait that long though, do you? You're an impatient motherfucker, aren’t you? I hear you. If it takes me more than three minutes to fully masturbate or get a fish taco at the Brooklyn Flea, I friggin' lose it. Calm down, citizen. FiPS has your back.

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[Win This]: An Invite to Pork Slope's August 15th Pre-Opening Party

FiPS readers! The time has finally come to squeeze into your best pair of tight jeans & lace up your ass-kicking boots. Come August 18th on the late, great Patrick Swayze's birthday, Pork Slope, the ridiculously-named bar, partially inspired by the 1989 film Road House, will finally open its doors for business (hopefully you've been preparing by growing out a sweet-ass mullet over the past few months).

As mentioned when we first broke the news back on April Fools Day, Pork Slope is the newest venture from Dale Talde, David Massoni and John Bush, AKA the Talde crew. A casual bar designed in the spirit of bars that they'd want to hang out in, it will include pitchers of beer, a pool table & a decidedly pork-laden menu of bar food.

Since we love you guys and want you to be as cool as humanly possible, we've put together a lil' contest that will grant TWO lucky FiPS readers a ticket (and one for a guest!) into Pork Slope's August 15th pre-opening party. If you recall from our initial announcement about the place, they're planning on making said party a raucous event wherein at least one person will head off into the night in a squad car. After all, that's how Swayze would’ve wanted it.

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